Flying Coaster

Gröbminger Land

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Starting in the summer season of 2019, the Flying Coaster from the valley station of the existing Zipline Stoderzinken to the Adventure Park Gröbming will ensure a breathtaking rollercoaster feeling and a high fun factor. The new attraction allows visitors to fly through the forest and experience the terrain from a bird's perspective. From the valley station of the existing zipline, a thin tube at a height of between three and eight meters leads down the forest and is designed in a roller coaster design with up and down elements. By means of carts, visitors glide seated close to the ground and trees at about 40 km / h along the track. The track length is about 600 meters, while a height difference of 100 meters is overcome.


Flying Coaster
Stoderstraße 114
8962 Gröbming
Telefón: +43 3685 222 45
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