Away from the pistes

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Winter Tranquility.

Away from the groomed pistes and the excitement of après-ski, you will be able to discover the more peaceful side of the region. 282 km of beautifully maintained hiking paths lead you out through a white winter wonderland, while our numerous snowshoeing routes take you even deeper into this wintry paradise of ours. However, if you prefer to explore the surrounding countryside comfortably seated and wrapped up snugly under a warm blanket, our horse-drawn sleighs are here for you as well. In Ramsau am Dachstein alone, 40 two-horse teams are ready to carry you along 40 km of specially maintained routes through the otherwise perfectly pristine winter countryside.


Time to go on tour.

From freeriding on the Dachstein or Planneralm to ski-touring in the Sölktäler valleys, our region offers mountains of opportunities – for rookies as well as experienced alpinists. And regardless of your physical condition, one thing is certain to take your breath away: our unique scenery. Especially if you take advantage of the evening opportunities on the Hochwurzen, Riesneralm or Galsterberg, when the lights down in the valley vie for your attention with the stars high in the sky.