Organic food paradise: Holiday the natural way

Keeping organic while on holiday?

People who choose to eat organic food at home also want to do so on holiday and when they go out to a restaurant.

Bio Ernte Steiermark (organic Styrian crops) is an association of Styrian farmers who responded to visitor demand, giving birth to the idea of an organic Styrian holiday among the organic food pioneers of Ramsau. 

These days you will find rustic farms, elegant restaurants as well as hotels only offering organic. Every single one of these businesses underwent a strict inspection process to acquire a 'certified organic' status.


Our region is the only one in Austria to be home to a full 15 totally organic accommodation establishments

Ramsau's pioneers of organic food

Ramsau's pioneers in organic farming keep things environmentally friendly and sustainable - they don't know another way. 

15 years ago, 10 producers, farmers and merchants of Schladming-Dachstein joined together to be able to offer today's visitors a fully organic

Other, sustainable and environmentally friendly offers

Schladming-Dachstein also offers a large network of e-bike tracks​, an organically maintained golf course and an e-motocross park with a juniors trail specially for kidsgiving your holiday a nature-friendly feel.

Also, if you get a Sommercard for Schladming-Dachstein you get free access to all the hikers' bus services.