With fat wheels through the snow.

In Schladming-Dachstein, one alternative sport is becoming more and more popular: “Fatbiking“ makes it possible for our active guests to explore the region by bike even in the depths of winter. Fatbikes are equipped with tires up to 12 cm thick, with deep studs that make this particular sporting equipment completely suitable for use in the snow. Guided tours from easy to expert – also at night – are certain to excite mountain bikers during the winter months. We are absolutely certain - whether rookie or crack professional, everybody will have a great time fatbiking.


Fatbikes originally came from Alaska and are built especially for riding on snow. The wide balloon tires guarantee a smooth ride and easy control in all snow conditions. Over 110 km of hiking and sleigh routes, around 30 km of ski and sledding runs as well as 40 km of hiking trails are utlized for the eight standardized fatbike tours in the Schladming-Dachstein Region. Ranging from 900 to 1850 m in elevation, guides explore routes with their guests that span all difficulty levels – from completely laid-back to challenging downhill adventures. 
Incidentally: Thanks to E-fatbikes, uphill bikers no longer have to rely solely on their own muscle power.