Ski-Jump Facility in Ramsau am Dachstein

Ramsau am Dachstein

The-ski jump facility (90 m)  offers perfect year-round training conditions for ski-jumping and Nordic-combined athletes. A chairlift, TV-approved flood-lighting and, there are two smaller jumps for the young athletes (W30 and W15) in the jump area.

For summer activity, the jumps have a dry slope with plastic mats, sprinklers to keep the landing slope humid, and a porcelain Inrun track that is also permanently sprinkled.

Jump profile:

  • One-seater chairlift to the top of the landing zone 
  • Floodlight facilities: TV-approved (1000 lux)
  • Capacity: ca. 170 operating days with 50,000 jumps per year 
  • Total length of the facility: 311.35 meters
  • Inrun length: 87 meters
  • Take-off angle: 11°
  • Average Inrun speed: 86 km/h
  • In good conditions, jumps as long as 100 meters are possible 
  • Marking blue P-point 70 m (start of landing stretch), red K-point 90 m (critical point), yellow 100m red-white-red fall line 
  • Height take-off: 3 meters
  • Highest point above the ground: about 5 meters
  • Height difference: 102 meters

Dry slope:

  • Inrun for summer activity: plastic mats, sprinklers to keep the landing slope humid, and a porcelain inrun track that is also permanently sprinkled.
  • Inrun with snow-keeper nets for winter activity. Lining of the entire dry slope, including snow making, high-pressure facilities use 60m³ of water per hour. To cover the hill, it takes about 30 hours, at temperatures of 8°C below zero to create 2,250 m³ of snow.
  • Layer on the landing slope ca. 35 cm
  • Layer on the inrun ca. 20 cm
  • Covering of the inrun in case of snowfall (saves work) 
  • Grooming: landing slope with winch snow groomers, inrun with track-shaping equipment. Even in winter, the jump facility is available for training and competitions with World-Cup-quality conditions.


Ramsau 319
8972 Ramsau am Dachstein
+43 3687 81101

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