Goat's milk products


With love for nature and animals

Our products are made with passion and love for our animals. The basis of our natural specialties is the exquisite refined milk of the goats from the Enns Valley.

Only a happy goat produces good cheese
Goats are among the oldest, commercially used pets and companions of humans. They are very frugal, curious and joyful animals, which is reflected in the quality of the products.

Nature and tradition as a basis for quality
Our goat's milk specialties are a piece of family tradition and culture from the Enns Valley and Lower Austria. Our goats graze on natural pastures.

Award-winning products that taste good
For the pleasure of goat keeping and the associated tradition, we produce and sell high quality goat milk products. Over the years, we have already received important awards and recognition for our products.

Renate and Andreas Hof produce their products with pleasure at the foot of the Grimmings.
Our products are high-quality and award-winning goat's milk specialties.
Healthy, lactose-compatible goat's milk products in nine different variations.


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