Ennsradweg - 6th day stage

easy Trekkingbike tour

Tour characteristics
Distance: 27.23 km
Duration: 2:0 h
Ascent: 249 m
Descent: 297 m
Best time of year
The tour

From the town square in Steyr, our last stage leads through the ever widening landscape in the Alpine foothills to Enns, partly on asphalt, partly on unpaved roads. Attention: there are alternatives here again, whereby one route leads over less frequented ways, the other over more frequented ways.

Turn-by-turn directions

From Steyr you can cycle on both sides of the Enns to the oldest town in Austria, Enns. We recommend that you cover the first part on the left bank just before Kronstorf and then cycle the second part from Ernsthofen on the Lower Austrian side to Enns.

From the town square in Steyr we drive straight on into the Enge Gasse (pedestrian zone, but permitted for cyclists), afterwards right across the Enns and immediately left into the Haratzmüllerstraße (one-way street). Here we push the bike to the first street, which goes down steeply to the shore. Now we cycle very comfortably there. Don't forget to turn left in front of the Enns bridge, away from the shore. - down at the shore on the right - before the Enns bridge above left away from the shore and at the priority sign we turn right into the Rennbachweg and drive under the bridge. Then turn left into Fachschulstraße - to the end, then left into Röselfeldstraße.

We still drive along the sports field path and the stone hiking path until we reach an inn. From here our way leads us to Enns through further to Hausleiten, we cycle through the village up to the Voralpen Bundesstraße 122a - underneath it - continue to follow the road - straight ahead at the crossroads. The main route of the Ennsradweg leads at the level of the farm left into an unpaved path - the path gently rises, on the high bank further to Staning. At the first farms of Staning the road returns to asphalt - at the "giving priority" it goes right down to the power station, on the left the Enns cycle path continues towards Enns. Winkling is our next destination and then Plaik, where we continue between the settlement and the Enns to the power station.

Here you can decide on which side of the Enns you would like to continue. On the Lower Austrian side, the signage is better and the traffic disruption is less. However, the official cycle path remains on the Upper Austrian side. The villages Ernsthofen and Mühlrading lie on the other side of the river. Coming from the power station, we follow the road towards Kronstorf - for approx. 500 metres on the main road. At the beginning of Unterhaus we turn left into a settlement road, pass through a small forest and reach Thaling. Follow the road through the town until you reach the main road, where another cycle path awaits you. You can now follow the cycle path to the town of Enns or change to the old main road in Hiesendorf, where you can expect less traffic. On the old main road you are also directly on the banks of the river Enns.

Continue on geht´s on Steyrer Straße in the direction of Zentrum. Here, in the centre of the city near the railway station, our cycle tour through three federal states and an unbelievable variety of landscapes ends. Six days in which we started in a rugged mighty mountain world, drove through the Gesäuse and finally landed in the town of Enns. Mastered three different landscapes in six days. Accompanied by culinary delicacies, warm people and historical sights.

Here in Enns it is still a good idea to take the small stretch to the ferry across the Danube to Mauthausen and from Mauthausen upstream along the Danube cycle path to Linz. Arrived in the Kurltur capital of Europe in 2009, you can easily return to the starting point Radstadt/Flachau with the Austrian Federal Railways.


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