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The Gallic ski village


A ski pleasure of the Gallic kind for big and small in the Gallic ski village. The Gallic ski village is completely skiable - on flat terrain, so that even beginners can conquer it playfully. The region's exciting children's land is waiting for you: 

  • wild boar hunting in Little Gallier Park 
  • an 85m long magic carpet 
  • speaking Gallic figures, Gallic wooden huts and huge snow figures 
  • a Gallic snow groomer with original snow groomer noises 
  • Deer, rabbits and many other forest dwellers can be found at the Galsterbergalmlift 
  • best insight into the children's land from the terrace Bottinghaus 
  • a Roman growth!


Pruggererberg 206
8965 Michaelerberg-Pruggern
+43 3685 22845

Wild boar hunting in Little Gallier Park

Not only our Bottelix likes our boars: In the new fun park for you little Gauls you can prove your skiing skills and playfully catch the little boars on the way! Go through the arches and grab one wild boar after the other! That shouldn't be a problem for you Ski-Gallier, should it? But watch out: The Romans are everywhere! 

The Roman watchtower

The Romans are crazy! To secure their outer borders, they built a Roman watchtower. For our little ski guests, this watchtower offers a true play paradise with indoor play area and a great overview of the Gallic ski slopes!

Sandrines Hut

Out of nowhere, Bottelix stamped a pink dream house out of the ground for his sweet Sandrine. The long wait for his sandrine has come to an end.

But not only Sandrine has moved in, also Skidefix, the little dog of Bottelix, can now be admired. The little dog, whose name was determined in a lottery by the young and old visitors of Galstiland, dares to go to the dog kennel.



Here you can find out more about the ski region Galsterberg. 

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