View from Obere Neudeggalm towards Ursprungalm and Steirische Kalkspitze

Laubschachen Trail

moderate closed Hiking · Schladming

Current Conditions
Elevated on 21/08/19
Hochwurzen trail #773

Trail #773 is not accessible at the moment in the section between the upper trail crossing 61/773 (at Hochweg forest road) and Latterfußsattel mountain saddle. The landowners are working in the forest using heavy machinery.

As safety always goes first, we ask for your understanding that this trail section is closed!
We will inform you, as soon as the trail is accessible again!

As an alternative route we recommend the trails via Hüttecksattel mountain saddle and Roßfeld summit (trails #61 and #60).

Tour characteristics
Distance: 10.82 km
Duration: 3:30 h
Ascent: 257 m
Descent: 737 m
Best time of year
The tour

The route is made up of alpine trails and forest path with medium difficulty, and we recommend you use hiking boots for this tour. Toilets are only available at the starting point Ursprungalm and finishing point at the valley terminal of Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen cable-car. Bus line #972 takes you from Schladming and Rohrmoos to Ursprungalm, the trail head of the tour. Refreshment stops are Ursprungalm inn at the very beginning of the tour, and Familienhotel Austria at the end.

Points of Interest:

  • Ursprungalm cirque and alp beneath the North face of Steirische Kalkspitze summit.
  • primeval forest zone between Neudeggalm and Obere Moarhofalm.
Turn-by-turn directions

From Ursprungalm to Hochwurzen

You start your tour on trail n° 771 at Ursprungalm chalets, which you reach comfortably with the Planai buses. The impressive Dachstein massif always in your view you start your hike towards Hochwurzen - taking you over beautiful alpine meadows and thik forest. On the way you pass by centuries-old Swiss stone pines and the nature trail at Rossfeld.

Due to a primeval rockslide the area between Obere Moarhofalm and Obere Neudeggalm can hardly be used for forestry operations. Thus, this part of the trail takes you through a primeval forest with numerous old spruces, larches, and Swiss stone pines. Caused by the location the trees often have a special habit.

At Obere Neudeggalm you turn-off on trail n° 773 and hike up to Latterfußsattel mountain saddle where you continue left (trail n° 60) to the summit of Rossfeld. After the descent to Hüttecksattel mountain saddle you reach Hochwurzenhütte at the summit of Hochwurzen in about 25 minutes. Here you can enjoy a snack at the chalet and enjoy the great panoramic views.

From the summit you can descend with the cable-car or take a Mountain GoKart ( - make sure to get your ticket at the shop before your hike) to the valley. If you want to keep on walking you can also descend to the valley terminal of Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen cable-car via trail n° 60.

From Ursprungalm there are a number of alternative routes and turn-offs:

  • At Obere Neudeggalm you can continue along trail n° 771 via Untere Neudeggalm and via a forestry road to Hotel Winterer. This is a faster way out of the mountains during uncertain weather conditions. From Latterfußsattel (before ascending to Rossfeld summit) you can take trail n° 773 to Obertal valley and the valley terminal of Hochwurzen cable-car.
  • Another possibility is to start at Hochwurzen and finish at Ursprungalm - in this case it is very important to keep the bus schedule in mind!
Getting there
From Schladming take provincial highway L722 (Rohrmoosstraße road) to Rohrmoos and at the roundabout continue straight on to the valley terminal of the Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen cable-car. It is best to park your car here and take the Planai bus to Ursprungalm for 2 reasons - first: the finishing point of your hike is at the valley terminal of the cable-car; thus you would need a second car to get the other car at Ursprungalm. Second: the road to Ursprungalm chalets in Preuneggtal valley is a toll road (the toll is included in the bus ticket).
With the Planai buses from Schladming (Planet-Planai, Lendplatz) or Rohrmoos (Rohrmoos-Zentrum) to Preuneggtal valley - bus stop Ursprungalm (last stop).
Parking is available at the valley terminal of Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen cable car.
Hiking trail head Ursprungalm
Hiking trail head, Hochwurzen mountain terminal

Changes in weather patterns, quick falls in temperature, thunderstorms, wind, fog and snow are some of the dangers that can be encountered on a hiking tour. Hosts of alpine huts and mountain refuges have a lot of experience in the mountains and can give good advice about weather and the trails. Poor equipment, overestimation of one's own capabilities, carelessness, poor personal constitution and/or wrong judgement  can lead to critical situations. In case of thunderstorms: avoid summits, ridges and steel ropes.

GPS data and orienteering

Available GPS data - just like hiking maps - is only a guidance for orientation and can never depict a trail exactly with all its details. Especially at dangerous spots it is essential to judge on site how to proceed.

In an emergency please call:

  • 140 - for Alpine emergencies (all over Austria)
  • 112 - European GSM emergency number

Weather forecast

in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.
in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Mostly cloudy through the day with a chance of occasional sunny spells.

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