Hiking along the ridge towards Hochwildstelle

From Untertal to Hochwildstelle

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Current Conditions
04/11/2019 - 30/04/2020
Tour characteristics
Distance: 19.05 km
Duration: 10:1 h
Ascent: 1767 m
Descent: 1767 m
Best time of year
The tour

Trail characteristics:

From Seeleiten car park in Untertal to Kerschbaumeralm the trail follows a forest road (alternatively you can ascend via the alpine trail through Höll gorge). From Kerschbaumeralm to Neualmscharte gap the route is a typical alpine hiking trail. From Neualmscharte gap (Northwest ridge) to Wildlochscharte gap (South ridge) the route is a high alpine trail with short climing sections. Pay attention to the section safety information. Along the route there are Almgasthaus Riesachfall inn, Gfölleralm chalet, Kaltenbachalm chalet, Preintalerhütte chalet & refuge, Waldhornalm chalet and Berallerhütte chalet at Kotalm that offer refreshments. However, you should bring along enough drinks and snacks for the tour. There are no refreshment stops between Kaltenbachalm chalet and Preintalerhütte/Waldhornalm chalets (walking time of 5.5 to 6 hours).

Points of interest:

  • Riesach waterfalls, alpine trail through Höll gorge and Riesachsee Lake
  • Alpine meadows at Neualm and Neualmscharte gap
  • Kleine Wildstelle secondary and Hochwildstelle summit - the highest peak totally within the federal state of Styria.
  • Wildlochscharte gap and descent through Trattenkar cirque with panoramic view to Sonntagskarseen lakes
Turn-by-turn directions

Starting at Almgasthaus Riesachfall inn at Seeleiten car park you either hike to Gfölleralm chalet via the forest lane or the alpine trail through "Höll"  gorge. From Gfölleralm you pass by Riesachsee lake and Kaltenbachalm chalet and reach Kerschbaumeralm where trail n° 777a truns off left towards Neualm. Follow this trail via Brandalm to Neualm (1,849 m), from where you take trail n° 781/782 towards Preintalerhütte. After just a bit you reach the way point "Höfertsteig" where you take trail n° 782 to Neualmscharte (2,347 m).

Once you reach Neualmscharte gap the high-alpine part of the tour begins. Along the edge and via "Kleine Wildstelle" (2,577 m) you hike and climb to the summit of Hochwildstelle (2,747 m). Hochwildstelle is the highest mountain entirely located in the federal state of Styria. The view is breathtaking!

From the summit you climb down the South ridge, with some sections that are very exposed. Once you reach Wildlochscharte (2,460 m) you take trail n° 702 through the Trattenkar cirque to Preintalerhütte and Waldhornalm (1,656 m) chalets. From the chalets it takes you about 35 minutes to reach the forest lane towards Riesachsee Lake. Passing by Berallerhütte chalet at Kotalm you again reach the way point at Kerschbaumeralm. From here follow the way back you already know.

Getting there

From Schladming take provincial highway L722 towards Rohrmoos. At the roundabout traffic in Rohrmoos make a left (3rd exit) and continue on provincial highway L723 towards Untertal. In the village of Untertal continue on Untertalstraße road until you reach Seeleiten car park and Riesach waterfall at the valley head.

Take the Planai buses from Schladming (Planet Planai) or Rohrmoos (Rohrmoos-Zentrum) to Seeleiten car park and Riesach waterfall in Untertal valley.


Seeleiten car park - Riesach waterfall.

ATTENTION: parking fees

Hiking trail head Seeleiten car park, Untertal
Hiking trail head Seeleiten car park, Untertal

The tour to Hochwildstelle is a challenging hike. There are several routs for ascent and descent, which are all similar in difficulty due to the fact that the last 400 m in vertical ascent to the summit either have to be made via the Northwest or the South ridge. Both, on the Northwest and the South ridge there are some passages with short climbs, and especially on the route via the South ridge there are several sections that are very exposed. Experience on high alpine trails and good stamina are a must!

Changes in weather patterns, quick falls in temperature, thunderstorms, wind, fog and snow are some of the dangers that can be encountered on a hiking tour. Hosts of alpine huts and mountain refuges have a lot of experience in the mountains and can give good advice about weather and the trails. Poor equipment, overestimation of one's own capabilities, carelessness, poor personal constitution and/or wrong judgement  can lead to critical situations. In case of thunderstorms: avoid summits, ridges and steel ropes.

GPS data and orienteering

Available GPS data - just like hiking maps - is only a guidance for orientation and can never depict a trail exactly with all its details. Especially at dangerous spots it is essential to judge on site how to proceed.

In an emergency please call:

  • 140 - for Alpine emergencies (all over Austria)
  • 112 - European GSM emergency number

Weather forecast

in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Rather sunny weather during the day with clouds mainly in the morning and towards the evening
in the morning
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in the evening
Snow showers in the morning and towards evening, some sunshine in between.
in the morning
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Frequent snow showers with sunny periods in between.

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