Bike & Hike Tour Silberkarklamm

moderate Bike and Hike · Ramsau am Dachstein

Current Conditions
Elevated on 18/06/19
Tour characteristics
Distance: 20.57 km
Duration: 2:20 h
Ascent: 414 m
Descent: 414 m
Best time of year
The tour

This Bike & Hike Tour leads from Schladming on asphalt roads over Birnberg with a moderate gradient to Ramsau-Rössing to the starting point in the Silberkarklamm. There you will also find the Bike & Hike Station, where you can hike and climb in the Silberkarklamm. Return on gravel and narrow asphalt roads via Ramsau-Kulm and Ramsau-Leiten back to Schladming.

Hiking tips:

Gorge hike


Hias via ferrata

Siega via ferrata

Rosina via ferrata

Turn-by-turn directions

From the starting point drive along the Coburgstraße, turn left into the lower Trenkenbachweg and follow the path. Drive under the main road and follow Untere Klausstraße for approx. 2 kilometres until you reach the turn-off towards Birnberg. Turn left there and follow Birnbergstraße. Cross the village of Birnberg and follow the road on a moderate gradient until you reach the turn-off to Rössing Landesstraße. Turn left there and follow the road for approx. 2 km along the Rössingbach. Then turn right and continue along the Rössingweg until you reach the entrance to the Silberkarklamm. There you will also find the Bike & Hike Station. You return via the Gabäckerweg on narrow asphalt roads slightly uphill back to the Rössinger Landesstraße. From the main road you continue to the turn-off to the Ramsauer main road. Turn left there and follow the road to the Eggerweg junction. Turn left and follow the road on a slight gradient. At the Töltlweg turn left and stay on the path, past the farm Burglechner and straight on towards the forest. Follow the forest road for approx. 500 metres, then turn left and drive on gravel to the lower Leitenstraße. Turn right there and follow the Unteren Leitenstraße for one kilometre and turn right at the crossroads. Follow the signs to Schladming and do not leave the road. Drive along Ramsauer Straße until you reach the first roundabout in Schladming. There take the fourth exit into Erzherzog-Johann-Straße and drive along this street until the next roundabout. There take the first exit into Langegasse and at the third roundabout take the fourth exit into Coburgstraße back to the starting point.

WM-Park Planai
WM-Park Planai

Weather changes, rapid drop in temperature, thunderstorms, wind and fog are objective dangers and require the right behaviour on the road. Lack of equipment, overconfidence, carelessness, poor condition and a wrong assessment can lead to critical situations. During thunderstorms: Avoid peaks, ridges and trees!

In an emergency, please dial the following emergency calls: No. 140 - Mountain Rescue No. 112 - Euro Emergency Call

Weather forecast

in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Snowfall again and again. The strongest snowfall will occur around noon.
in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Dull throughout the day with frequent, but fairly light snowfall.
in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Light snowfall ending in the morning, then slowly becoming sunny during the day.

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