Running next to each other on Almenrunde (skating) and Kristallloipe (classical)

Almenrunde XC Skating Trail

easy open · Schladming

Current Conditions
Elevated on 08/01/20
XC Slopes in Untertal are open!

The cross country slopes in Untertal are open. Some sections through short forest passages have only minimum snow cover. Overall however, the XC tracks are in good condition and waiting for you!  This year we set up a new trail signage for the cross-country tracks as well, presenting you 3 different routes:

  • Kristallloipe (classic cross country trail) with a total of 13.6 kms
  • Tettermoor skating track with a total of 4 kms, providing you 2 repeatable loops
  • Almenrunde skating track with a total of 5.5 kms, providing you with 2 repeatable loops
Tour characteristics
Distance: 5.47 km
Duration: 0:55 h
Ascent: 21 m
Descent: 21 m
Best time of year
The tour

The skating slopes in Untertal are among the easy cross country skating runs in the Schladming-Dachstein region. The "Almenrunde" skating track owes its name to the numerous alps ("Almen" in german) located along the Untertal valley floor. Almenrunde is perfect for beginners in the skating technique because most of the track runs along very flat terrain with almonst no grades. Only the loop passing by "Angereralm" is a section of moderate difficulty due to a short steep ascent followed by a short and curvy downhill section. Weisse Wand inn (at the starting point) and Sondlalm are two options for a refreshment stop along the "Almenrunde" run.

The route is especially charming due to the beauty of the scenery in the Untertal valley. While you are running along the track you pass by meandering Untertalbach creek and trees and bushes often covered with beautiful ice crystals. Almenrunde skating run is the perfect match for sportive nature lovers.

Turn-by-turn directions

"Almenrunde" starts Sulzbergbrücke bridge (parking available, alternative start at Gasthaus Weisse Wand inn 300 m into the valley). You cross over the Untertalbach creek via the bridge and then continue to the right (out of the valley) and pass by Sondlalm inn (refreshment stop). You keep running on the valley floor along the creek. Near the hunting lodge you cross over the creek again and you run a few more meters to the small wooden barn where you turn around and head back along the route you came. Once you reach Sondlalm again you turn off left just after passing by the alps barn. A loop now takes you across the Sondl meadow and takes you back to the main trail just a few meters ahead.

You then continue into the valley to the right, passing through short sections of forest, a meadow and a forest again before you head out onto the large open "Angereralm meadow" across a wooden bridge to the left. You keep running along Untertalbach creek and once you come close to the bridge you turn right and run the loop around Angereralm cabin. A short and steep grade takes you up to the cabin, followed by a curvy downhill section. The loop takes you back to the beginning of the XC trail on the large Angereralm meadow. Turn right and once again run across the meadow.

Reaching the bridge this time you turn left and run across it and turn left immediately after again. Along the creek you then head to Gasthaus Weisse Wand inn (refreshment stop, closed on Tuesdays). From there it is just another 300 m back to your starting point at Sulzbergbrücke bridge.

Distance of "Almenrunde" skating trail

Almenrunde has a total length of 5.5 kilometers. The loop on Sondl meadow is 500 meters long, while the loop around Angereralm has a length of 800 m. This way you can shorten the total length by 1.3 kms or extend it by adding certain numbers of either loop.

Getting there

From Schladming to Rohrmoos, at the roundabout in Rohrmoos turn left into the direction of Rohrmoos Untertal and follow the road for approximately 9.5 kms to the parking at Weisse Wand inn. Alternatively you can park at Waldhäuslalm or the lookout tower Tetter Moor and connect to Almenrunde track via the classic XC run "Kristallloipe".

With the buses of Planai-Hochwurzen from Schladming or Rohrmoos to the bus stop "Waldhäuslalm" (end of the line). From there you can connect to "Almenrunde" run via classic XC track "Kristallloipe".



Parking lot at Weisse Wand inn or at Waldhäuslalm/Tetter Moor lookout tower respectively.

Weisse Wand inn or Sulzbergbrücke bridge
Weisse Wand inn or Sulzbergbrücke bridge

"Almenrunde" in general is a very easy cross-country run. Only the loop passing by Angereralm is of medium difficulty and requires a bit more of balance and attention!


Available GPS data - just like maps - is only a guidance for orientation and can never depict a track with all its details. Moreover, cross-country runs are dependent on snow conditions. Thus they might be shorter or routed differently than shown on the maps.

In an emergency please call:

  • 140 - for Alpine emergencies (all over Austria)
  • 112 - European GSM emergency number

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Snow showers in the morning and towards evening, some sunshine in between.
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Light snowfall at daybreak, then fairly sunny during the day.

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