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状态 电梯 城市 类型 山谷
DSL Rohrmoos I Schladming, Rohrmoos
745 m 987 m
Rohrmoos II Rohrmoos
962 m 1152 m
Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen Rohrmoos-Untertal
1135 m 1841 m
Hochwurzen I Rohrmoos-Untertal
777 m 1272 m
Hochwurzen II Rohrmoos-Untertal
1262 m 1849 m
Obertalbahn Rohrmoos
1043 m 1452 m
Hopsilift (Schwaigerlift) Rohrmoos
1045 m 1080 m
Moserbodenlift (Schütterlift) Rohrmoos
939 m 987 m
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状态 类型 斜坡
Ostabfahrt Golden Jet
41 Obertalabfahrt
40 Abfahrt Pichl
38 Golden Line
37 Rohrmooser Plateau/Schladming
37 Rohrmooser Plateau
36 Primpsabfahrt
35 Mittelabfahrt
34 Verbindungsabfahrt
33 Ostabfahrt (Die Vielseitige)
32 Sepp Walcher Abfahrt
31 FIS-Abfahrt (Die Klassische)
43 Skiroute Untertal
42 Rohrmooser Weide
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  • 蓝色(容易)
  • 红色(中等)
  • 黑色(难)
  • 滑雪路线
状态 配件
floodlight slope
Rodelbahn von Gipfel bis Tal
Permanent Rennstrecke (bei Piste 37)
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天气 今天, 星期三 23.10.2019

山 / 1900 m
0 cm
山谷 / 745 m
0 cm
Temperaturtext.max 19°C Temperaturtext.min 5°C Temperaturtext.ende
The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.


...set right in the heart of the 4-mountain ski area...

In winter, Hochwurzen is popular for its wide, long pistes - perfect for families, leisure and competitive skiers.

And even those non-skiers among us get their money's worth! There is a 7 km long toboggan run waiting for you - open day and night.


Hochwurzen is popular as a point of departure for many different hikes in summer.

Anyone who has a need for speed and even more fun, Hochwurzen offers a summer tobogganing course as well as mountain go-carting.

The Sommercard also gives you free rides up and down the mountain.