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Schladminger Tauern Höhenweg 702

The Schladminger-Tauern Höhenweg trail is a stage along Central Alpine Trail 02, which traverses the entire Alpine region.

Due to its unique geological features, the wealth of plant and animals species, and the special character of the surrounding mountain world, this particular section of the Central Alpine Trail through the Schladminger-Tauern is one of the most beautiful hiking tours to be found anywhere in the Alps.

Of the 300 tarns and almost 150 waterfalls of the Niedere Tauern range, you will find a majority of those in the valleys, basins and coombes of the Schladminger Tauern.

Pristine, untamed streams with thunderous waterfalls and countless small rivulets flowing from springs beneath the Tauern mountains add to the appeal and charm of this region.

However, those trails also are a challenge to hikers and mountaineers - therefore, surefootedness, a good level of stamina, a head for heights, and the respective equipment are required.


Dachstein Hiking Tour

The tour mainly covers alpine terrain. You will need appropriate mountain gear and plenty of stamina. The equipment you'll need includes: ankle-high boots, functional clothes, rucksack, food and water, rain and sun protection, first-aid kit, mobile phone, possibly hiking sticks, …

Your route is recorded for posterity when you enter your name in every hut logbook in the Dachstein Mountains.

5 to 8 hours hiking time is planned per day. The routes are well marked, although the signs could be covered by snow. Which means, it is imperative that you take your maps and the Dachstein hiking book with you.

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Schladming-Dachstein Panoramaweg 100

Pure hiking enjoyment awaits you on Dachstein-Tauern Panoramaweg 100
Panoramaweg 100 is a 116 km hiking trail. It leads you out to the left and right of the River Enns at elevations ranging from 700 to 1300 m above sea level, making it a wonderful hiking opportunity from May on. This trail is particularly suitable for hikes spanning several days.