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Stav Lanovky Mesto Typ Údolie Vrchol
Gipfellift Gröbming/Stoderzinken
1700 m 2045 m
Lärchberglift Gröbming/Stoderzinken
1700 m 1900 m
Roßfeldlift Gröbming/Stoderzinken
1700 m 1795 m
Übungslift Gröbming/Stoderzinken
1620 m 1700 m
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Stav Typ Zjazdovky
4 Steilhang
1 Roßfeldabfahrt
2 Lärchbergabfahrt
3 Gipfelabfahrt
1 Übungswiese
Gipfelbahnabfahrt Alternative
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  • modrá (nenáročná)
  • červená (stredne náročná)
  • čierna (náročná)
  • lyžiarska trasa
Stav Príslušenstvo
Permanente Rennstrecke
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počasie dnes, Nedeľa 20.10.2019

Vrchol / 1800 m
140 cm
Údolie / 800 m
0 cm
Temperaturtext.max 19°C Temperaturtext.min 5°C Temperaturtext.ende
Partly sunny in the morning, gradually becoming cloudy in the afternoon.


Ski amadé's small but special winter wonderland - Stoderzinken.

There are pistes for every skiing level, a permanent racing track, a children's snow park as well as starting point for stunning ski tours.

Visiting in summer is just as good.

Wander down to the Stoderkircherl (the church), take a sunny Sunday stroll or enjoy a relaxing day on the terraces of the mountain inns - let your soul unwind.

Here's a highlight for any adrenalin junkie:

The ZipLine - the largest in Europe. 2.5 km long, 161 m above the ground, 700 meters difference between the start and finish and speeds of up to 115 km/h - what are you waiting for!