Sölker marble factory

Naturpark Sölktäler

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An austrian unique product from the Naturpark Sölktäler.

From the ancient Greeks called "stone of the Gods", the designation brings the awe of its beauty expressed. The hue from white to pink to green and gray that fails always a bit different, makes each piece of Sölker marble unique. Kleinsölk 40,000 tons of marble are mined from the Sölker Marmor GmbH and sent to buyers in Europe and around the world annually. Beautiful natural Marmorauswaschungen emerged in the Strub gorge where the Großsölk- and Kleinsölkbach unite. Over the millennia, the Sölkbach beat a path through the Sölker marble.


Sölker marble factory
Reith 279
8961 Sölk
telefon: +43-3685-22216
E-mail: office@soelker.at
strona internetowa: www.soelker.at