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Naturpark Sölktäler

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Water theme route - Schwarzensee
Start: Parking Breitlahnalm (toll)
Duration: 2 hours

Besides the variety of special life forms and habitats in and around the mountain stream,  a panel on the future is dedicated. Here is also the carnivorous sundew.
Conscripts small ponds provide rare species of amphibians, such as the yellow-bellied toad, a new living space.

Water theme route - Bräualm
Start: Restaurant "Zum Gamsjäger" in St. Nikolai
Duration: 3 hours

This theme, which was created along the Bräualm creek St. Nikolai shows the variety of special features on Water. The abundance of water of the nature park is also documented how the fascinating life in and around the mountain creek.
Finally, the most important medicinal herbs by the wayside, are already described and used by pastor Kneipp.


Stroller miles
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