most beautiful village of Europe - Haus im Ennstal


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GOLD for Haus im Ennstal at the Entente Florale Europe 2014!

Haus im Ennstal, located in the Enns-Valley in Styria is one of the most blooming villages in Austria, already awarded many Austrian prizes.
Haus is proud of its natural environment and the inhabitants take great value in keeping this treasure. Several sustainable municipal projects like the sheep project were carried out, including's many other environmental protection projects with children and teenagers. This is the secret to their success. Haus im Ennstal has a strong community spirit with good cooperation between local people. It offers both one of the top skiing resorts in Austria and excellent rural tourism.

Many lovers of flowers in all the districts of Haus/Ennstal and dedicated employees make the market town house with their use of the whole community into a thriving resort.

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most beautiful village of Europe - Haus im Ennstal
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