St. Nikolaier Advent

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The snowy mountain village St. Nikolai is a meeting place to be thoughtful.

St. Nikolaier Advent

The snowy mountain village of St. Nicholas is the meeting place in the contemplative nature Sölktäler during Advent for the 19th times.

With the musical Advent cycle G audete - Rejoice give us music and singing groups on the Nativity of the Lord a.

At the respective Advent Saturdays, starting with November 30th, 2019 will be held in the parish church of St. Nicholas at 19 clock the Advent service and designed the music of local singers and musical groups. After the reflective part in the parish church of the village Development Association St. Nikolai invites you to the 17th century. originating and 1999 restored Mesnerhaus a.

The Mesnerhaus shines during Advent in light of a special Advent calendar. The lovingly decorated by Seniorenbund windows are opened from the kindergarten and school children. At the festively decorated Christmas stalls you will be pampered with bakeries, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine and find relaxation away from the madding crowd of the time. Wind Ensemble playing merry ways and make us of the upcoming Christmas season, which reaches its climax on Christmas Eve at the nachmittägigen Children's Christmas and the evening Mette.

For Children's Christmas are especially invited the "little ones". You will the wait be reduced to the Christ Child with Christmas stories. Thus one finds in St. Nikolai im Sölktal, as once in Bethlehem, an old wooden barn with Joseph and Mary with the baby Jesus in the manger.

The special St. Nikolaier Advent is a secret tip for stressed people during the festive season, to regain strength and to treat yourself to a recovery phase.

✰ 30th of November 

     7 p.m. Worship at the church St. Nikolai, 

✰ 7th of December

     7 p.m. Worship at the church St. Nikolai, 

✰ 14th of December

     7 p.m. Worship at the church St. Nikolai, 

✰ 21st of December

     7 p.m. Worship at the church St. Nikolai, 

✰ Christmas eve 
    3:45 p.m. Christmas story at the church St. Nikolai
    9:45 p.m. Music with trumpets from the church tower
    10 p.m. Worship at the church St. Nikolai, choir fellowship from St. Nikolai


St. Nikolaier Advent
St. Nikolai
8961 Sölk