Michaelerberg Kochofen

Gröbminger Land

Excursion destination summer | Mountaineering | hiking

Path number: Kochofen road No. 23 to the knee Pass, descent to the No. 22 Loskögerl
Starting point of the tour: Michaelerberghaus 1.212 m
The aim of the tour: Kochofen - Michaelerberg house
Directions: About Moosheim direction Michalerberghaus
Parking: yes

Short description: steep forest trails and forest roads, alpine climbing above the tree line, beautiful mountain views.

From the House of Michaelerberg journey begins with a steep slope on a roadway. Only a few flat pieces interrupt the ascent. Usually it goes uphill in the woods, in some cases by a beautiful view down into the Sattental interrupted until the crossroads below the Loskögerls - take left fork to the knee pass! Much gentler winds now the trail to the wooded slopes along to the knee pass where the road merges from the Kleinsölk coming. Then again, it is steep. The trail leads through a channel in many switchbacks through the forest line up on a rocky ridge, consisting of Sölker marble, and continue until you reach the peak.
The descent is steeper than the Loskögerl, but slightly shorter, and operates almost exclusively in the woods on narrow downhill climbing until you get back on the old road to the house Michaelerberg encounters.

Equipment: Hiking shoes

Duration of the tour (about hours and minutes) - about 4 hours (round-trip)
Height difference: 700m


Michaelerberg Kochofen
8962 Michaelerberg