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Naturpark Sölktäler

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Geological Hiking Path "Gumpeneck"

On this hiking path round the Gumpenkar you get an insight in 500 million years earth history. The kar beneath the Gumpeneck is known for its classic shapes and lots of "geological treasures".

Hiking Path "Forest" in Mössna & Kleinsölk

You are able to discover the mysterious world of the woods on this hiking path. Some notice boards, put up along the path, explain you more about the forestry and the hidden secrets of the woodland.

"Ice Age" Hiking Path on the Sölkpass

On this hiking path you go on time travel back into the ice age. You are able to learn more about the glacially formed landscape and the plants on the Sölkpass.

"Secrets of water"

In this adventure hike you explore the hidden secrets of the water and nature. You learn the caddis larva know and discover a natural refrigerator . The surrounding mountain huts offer the "researchers" a traditional Snack.


Hiking Paths
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