Gröbminger Land

Excursion destination summer | hiking | Mountaineering

Path number: Route No. 3, starting from Gröbming übern Kulm-heeled mountain hut, then path 679 to the open stone.
Starting point of the tour: Gröbming - Kulmweg
The aim of the tour: 1279 m Freienstein
Directions: Gröbming

Short description:
Half-day hike, starting from Gröbming - Kulm, stiletto refuge to free stone.

Description: Direct from Gröbming it goes steeply uphill. The trail runs through the high forest, leads directly to thestiletto Hut up to the free-stone. The back of the stone is provided with free-secure sections of iron pegs and ropes. If you have arrived at the summit, one can enjoy beautiful views with alpine flair. You could also pay the excess to Assach saddle, back of the two marked ways from the launch site.

 Directions: For this half-day hike, is absolute slip resistance required.

Safety: Not suitable for small children.

Equipment: Hiking shoes

Duration of the tour (about hours and minutes): Duration about 3 - 4 hours
Height difference: 500m


8962 Gröbming
फ़ोन: +43 3685 22131 22