Time to go on tour.

Schladming-Dachstein offers mountains of opportunities – for rookies as well as experienced alpinists. And regardless of your physical condition, one thing is certain to take your breath away: our unique scenery. 

When you’re up in the mountains, correct preparation is the be-all and end-all. From the right gear including avalanche transponder, shovel, probe, helmet and airbag system, to a careful check of current weather and snow conditions, along with a keen awareness of wildlife protection zones: there are all kinds of things you need to bear in mind. That said, your efforts ahead of time will be more than rewarded by extraordinary nature experiences.

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Info for ski tourers on the Galsterberg

Ski touring in our mountains and close to the pistes continues to grow in popularity. The Galsterberg has developed into a very popular area for ski tourers. As a business, the Galsterberg views this trend extremely positively.

Together with their partners on the mountain, they make every effort to guarantee the highest quality and safety in all areas. With this in mind, they have adapted organization (improvement of signage and guidance systems) and infrastructure (creation of parking for ski tourers, improved access trails) for our ski-touring fans.

  • Daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm
  • Except for evening sledding hours (every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
  • Section of piste No. 1 from 6 to 9 pmas a ski route (at your own risk)
  • Valley run piste No. 1 from 7 to 11 pm as a ski route (at your own risk)
  • After 5 PM, all pistes are closed for grooming and maintenance.
  • Except for evening sledding hours: pistes close at 11 pm.
  • Use of the Vorderkar piste (Nos. 2 / 2a and 10) is prohibited without exception.


We draw your attention to the fact that use of pistes outside of listed opening times is hazardous to life and strictly prohibited (due to heavy equipment and winches). Comply with opening times without exception!

A fee is charged for use of infrastructure including pistes, parking, guidance system etc. (does not apply to ski-pass holders).

  • The fee is € 5 per person and day.
  • This ticket is available from the ticket machine at the car park or in person from the Galsterberg ticket window!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Ticket machine only takes coins (no change given) as well as ATM & credit cards with NFC function!
  • You must take the ticket with you since the pistes are monitored.
  • A combo season pass for ski tourers is available beginning this year for the Hochwurzen & Galsterberg ski mountains - Price per person € 65.00.
  • The ticket is issued to a specific person and therefore nontransferable.
  • Lost tickets will not be replaced.
  • Unforeseen weather circumstances do not constitute the right to a refund.
  • Refunds are only possible upon presentation of an official medical report from a local doctor or hospital.
  • Reduced opportunities do not constitute cause for a reduction in the ticket price.
  • By purchasing a name-specific touring ticket, the ticket holder agrees to automated registration of their personal data. The customer consents to this information being used for control purposes in order to avoid card misuse, as well as the electronic collection and processing thereof in order to provide enhanced customer services. As soon as this data is no longer required, and by no later than three years subsequent to the most recent customer contact, it will be deleted.
  • Tickets must be presented for visual inspection upon demand.
  • Persons who make use of ski-touring infrastructure without a valid ticket are subject to penalties under Austrian law. Violations are subject to a fine (€ 50,--) and/or filing of a complaint with the local authorities.
  • The code of conduct as established by the International Ski Federation (FIS) as well as the lift companies’ own guidelines (appropriate behavior, opening times etc.) shall apply without restriction.
  • A rescue charge of € 120 will be billed for the rescue and transportation of any individuals involved in an accident.   

Info for ski tourers on the Hochwurzen

Our ski lifts and gondolas are frequently exchanged for ski skins: a very special nature experience indeed, as you cut your own tracks through virgin snow. Ski touring nearer and farther away from the pistes continues to grow in popularity here in our mountains. Of course, also here with us, sports fans have the opportunity to climb towards the summits in winter as well.

Days Price per person
Day ticket € 5,00
Season ticket € 65,00

For the ascent and the use of the infrastructure like slopes, parking, guidance system etc. a fee has to be paid (except for ski pass holders). You can get this ticket directly at the ticket machine or at the Kassa Hochwurzen. 

Avalanche Warning

Avalanche Wanrning Level 1:

The snowpack is generally compact and stable. Avalanches are only released if the snow is subject to significant additional stress in extremely steep terrain and at isolated locations. Only spontaneous smaller avalanches are possible, while touring conditions are generally safe.


Avalanche Wanrning Level 2:

Avalanches are only released if the snow is subject to major additional stress. On some  ountainsides, with more than a 30° incline, the snow cover is only moderately stable, though otherwise good. Extremely steep mountainsides should be avoided.


Avalanche Wanrning Level 3:

On many mountainsides, the snowpack is only minimally to moderately stable. Avalanches are possible especially on steep slopes and even under minimal additional stress. Furthermore, moderate and even bigger avalanches may release quite spontaneously.


Avalanche Wanrning Level 4:

On many mountainsides, snowpack stability is weak and almost nonexistent. Even when subject to very little additional stress, such as a single skier, avalanches are possible, including many spontaneous moderate to large avalanches. Ski touring is not advised.


Avalanche Wanrning Level 5:

The snow cover is virtually not stable at all. Big avalanches are possible even in moderately steep terrain. Ski touring is not possible at Avalanche Warning Level 5. Prior to any expedition, always check on current avalanche conditions: 

Each skier is individually responsible for selecting the right route, assessing their own experience, abilities and alpine dangers when touring in alpine regions!



Correct Behavior in Nature

When you are out on a ski tour, you can enjoy nature to the full. However, do not forget that you are entering the natural habitat of animals. That’s why we ask you to be considerate of your natural setting, both by staying on designated routes as well as paying attention to the following points:

  • avoid wildlife quiet zones and protected habitats.
  • in forest especially, stick to hiking paths and forestry lanes.
  • avoid the forest’s edge and snow-free areas.
  • keep dogs on a leash.
  • Stay as far away as possible from wildlife feeding stations and do not enter them!

Equipment Tips

For the well-being of you and your companions, as well as for the environment, always prepare well for your impending tour and bring along appropriate equipment. In order to guarantee your safety, you should always be equipped with:

  • an avalanche transponder
  • mobile phone
  • shovel
  • avalanche probe
  • first-aid kit
  • plenty of food and drink
  • and potentially a change of clothing

Ski touring pin

Reach 5 of 7 goals and automatically enter the competition. 

Here's how it works:
In order to receive a ski touring pin, you have to reach two checkpoints on each tour - "Check in" in the valley and "Check in" on the mountain. After you have successfully logged in at all two checkpoints, you will receive a ski touring pin.

Stage ski tour needles
You also get a needle when you reach a stage finish. This means that even the "check in" at a tour counts and you get a small pin.

At the end of the winter season, great prizes will be raffled off among all the Schladming-Dachstein ski tour needles that have been reached!