OCT Outdoor Consulting Team

Event- and Outdoor Agency

Whether an employee party, company outing, product presentation, conference, incentive, teambuilding or leadership seminar – we look forward to accompanying you and spurring you on at your next event.

Airboarding at the Reiteralm, snow biking, snowshoeing

Xraycer at the Reiteralm, Planai Adventure Park, Segway off-roading, street stepper, wild-water tubing

OCT Event Tools:
Ice-stock rink, bubble soccer, soccer billiards, arrow day, winter & summer fun-sports equipment, Zipfel Bob races, team fun in the water, riverbug basketball, alpine olympics

OCT Seminars / Trainings
Team simulation games, Domino Day, building a vehicle, building a marble run, “FiSH Philosophy” rally through Schladming, personality training: fire-walking, bending iron bars, teambuilding, leadership seminars

OCT Mouthwatering Experiences:
Making your own healthy chocolate

OCT Simply FIT:
FITW, Smovey, Pads



OCT Outdoor Consulting Team
A-8970 Schladming

Phone: +43 (0) 664 30 12 007
E-Mail: office@o-c-t.com