Ruin Wolkenstein


The family of the Wolkensteiner is already mentioned in documents around 1099. They probably immigrated from Franconia. Around this time the construction of the castle Wolkenstein was started. How long the Wolkensteins owned the castle is unknown. In 1248 Konrad von Bergau handed over a part of the "Veste" Wolkenstein to Archbishop Philipp von Salzburg, the other part was still owned by Otto von Wolkenstein. Andreas Abt zu Admondt received 1449 on loan the rule and the regional court to Selva Gardena. In the 16th and 17th century Wolkenstein was a chalk fire stadium for the Ennstal. From 1643 the castle came into the possession of the Saurau family. Under this rule, the castle's decay progressed rapidly. The later successor, Mr. Franz Rossmann, who is also the founder of the Wörschach sulphur bath, took over the castle in 1830.

Today the ruin is privately owned, but is restored and maintained by the Burgverein Wolkenstein with a great deal of idealism and effort.

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