Panorama Café


Passion meets seduction:
Full of passion for coffee, our café offers a composition of Viennese coffee house culture with traditional coffee made from Arabica beans (Nussbaumer coffee) ...

such as Mocca, Melange, Single Coffee and many more and the preparation of the original caff'ès italiano, (Robusta Bohnen - caffè Nannini/Siena) such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiatto, etc...

Would you like a dopamine release?
We will see to it that you will soon have an expectant anticipation of being rewarded. We seduce you with lustful chocolate from the fine Confiserie Berger, with homemade pastries and enjoyable ice cream creations...



Panorama Café
Hofmanning 214
8962 Gröbming
+43 3685 22323 619

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