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OCT - Outdoor Consulting Team


Benefit from years of experience in the outdoor experience area.

With the mobile trailer systems we are on the road for you all over Austria. Each individual program is specifically tailored to your wishes and needs so that sustainable events can be held that have a positive effect on the motivation of your team!


OCT - Outdoor Consulting Team
8973 Schladming
+43 664 30 12 007

OCT-Segway Tour

Regularly € 55.- now for only € 45.-



Registration: participants must sign up in advance: +436643012007; minimum age : 12; max. 8 people

Meeting point

Hotel TUI Blue Pulse in Schladming
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Xraycer - OCT

Regularly € 48.- for just € 28.-



Sturdy shoes, long pants and jacket are useful; meets: cable lift "Preunegg Jet" - Reiteralm Lifts; max. 14 people; only with advance notice. Mobile +436643012007 or +436642200130

Meeting point

B 320 - Pichl - Preunegg
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OCT - Streetstepper Tour

Regularly € 48,- for only € 28,-



Participants from 3 to 8 persons: Meeting point: bathing lake in Pichl near Schladming; Only with advance notice under +43(0) 664 30 12 007 or under +43(0) 664 22 00 130

Meeting point

B320 - Pichl bei Schladming
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OCT - Outdoor Smovey

Regularly € 38,- for only € 30,- incl. Smovey's (1 hour)




Please register in advance. Mobil +436643012007 oder +436642200130

Meeting point

Meeting point by arrangement; either Badesee Pichl or in Schladming
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Fun & Action

The OCT team offers you a lot of different leisure activities.

All activities are possible by arrangement!


Similar to the hydrospeed in summer, the airboard works on snow in winter. With its dynamic shape, slopes can glide down into the valley.

Duration: approx. 3 hours, Requirements: from 12 years accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, Equipment: winter clothing, warm shoes and ski goggles, Lift ticket: not included in the price.


Who doesn't know him - the Skibob!? The Snowbike goes one step further and gives you a great feeling of carving. For advanced riders and beginners with robust steel frame and patented suspension system - recommended by the spine trainer. 

You sit comfortably on the snowbike, on your feet you carry mini skis, which you need in addition to steering and braking. Fun and action on the slopes in a different way! 

Crossblade tours

Innovative snowshoe system for climbing, skiing and gliding - developed in Switzerland by ski binding pioneer Ulo Gertsch.

Change from climbing to driving mode without unbuckling the crossblades. On one side a running surface with steel edges like normal skis - on the back a permanently integrated climbing skin. The change works in seconds by "release, reverse, engage". Ideal for beginners and professionals alike.


The OCT Streetstepper allows exercise and training in the fresh air in an optimal biomechanical position at a low heart rate. It combines the effectiveness of running with the dynamics of cycling. 

The combination of upright posture and bumpless stepping movement is unique. OCT Streetstepper Guides train coordination and body balance and train/activate the majority of the muscle group of the human musculoskeletal system. 


Segway tour

With the Offroad Segways through the terrain - guided tours with the electric scooter.

Feel a whole new body feeling with one of the trendiest means of transportation currently available. Each tour begins with a brief introduction. This will familiarize you with the Segway and make you feel comfortable and safe on the tour.


After a thorough introduction by the guide, you will sit down in a boat and then descend the rapids and reels of the beautiful Enns.

The location will be announced when you register.


The Xraycer is very manoeuvrable and it is great fun to drive down the mountain.

It is similar to a summer model or a Zipfelbob built in winter. With its thick offroad tires it is fun to race down the gravel road into the valley.

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