Aigen im Ennstal

Contemporary architecture in combination with modernity! Rock, glass and wood in an extraordinary synthesis.

According to history, the idea of building a church in Aigen dates back to before the Second World War. 1985 the architect Dipl. Ing. Volker Gienke was commissioned to plan a church including a vicarage. On 3 May 1992, Diocesan Bishop Johann Weber celebrated the consecration of the church.

The ground plan of the church corresponds to an unequal polygon, to which the sacristy and a discussion room are connected. Remarkable is the idiosyncratic construction of the 600 m² buried roof, which architect Gienke commented with the saying: "We have taken something from nature and are giving it back to it". The roofing is designed like a boat hull whose keel line creates the ideal connection between the entrance in the west and the sanctuary in the east. The church roof protrudes far beyond the sacral building on all sides and thus provides a covered church square. The longest glue-laminated beam is 32 metres long and weighs 6 tons. The tower is a steel construction clad with glass, which consists of three elements. The ringing was consecrated by the former Admont abbot Benedikt Schlömicher and is tuned to the triad. The interior of the church can be entered via its own element, a porch pushed into the front.

The church, one of the youngest churches in Styria, is above all intended to be a centre of spiritual, cultural and communal coexistence.

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