Ennstaler Almdiploma

Naturpark Sölktäler

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The "Ennstaler Steirerkas" is the culinary symbol of the region Schladming-Dachstein.

Together with a specially trained "Almführer" (landscape guide) the tour starts on an alpine hut. There you are able to milk cows, bake donuts and gather knowledge about alpine plants and animals - all this and much more needs also a dairymaid to know in the mountains. Here you can demonstrate your knowledges and skills. After passing the exam, participants will receive the original Ennstaler Almdiplom.

Paritcipants are:

  • Ritzingerhütte, Viehbergalm – Gröbming
  • Zauneralm, Breitlahnalm – Kleinsölk

On the mountain pastures, beside the Steirerkas, there are many more delicious, home-made pasture produce as mountain butter, donuts, homemade juices, spirits, cheeses and much more.
The "Ennstaler Almdiploma" is a full-day program and is up for groups of 15 until 50 people available, furthermore it is also available for single persons. 

For more information, please contact the Information Office in Stein an der Enns.

Fixed Dates:

  • Juli 4th 2019
  • Juli 18th 2019
  • August 1st 2019
  • August 15th 2019
  • August 29th 2019


Ennstaler Almdiploma
Stein/Enns 107
8961 Stein an der Enns