Bike & Hike Station Dachsteinblick

Bike & Hike tour Dachsteinblick (with possibility to charge)

moderate closed Bike and Hike · Grimming-Donnersbachtal

Tour characteristics
Distance: 35.97 km
Duration: 4:4 h
Ascent: 631 m
Descent: 645 m
Best time of year
The tour

The tour leads along an asphalted bike path without gradient from Irdning to Schlattham, from there on a slight gradient via Sallaberg around the Kulm, then without gradient along a bike path with gravel to Wörschach. After intermediate passages with asphalt, the tour becomes increasingly steep and leads along forest paths to Wörschachwald. There - at the Gasthof Dachsteinblick - is a Bike & Hike Station with three chargers for Bosch batteries. The way back is downhill over asphalt to Klachau and from there level on over an asphalt road with little traffic to Trautenfels and over the cycle path to the starting point.

Hiking and tour suggestions:

Turn-by-turn directions

Turn right at the starting point and drive along Aigner Straße through Irdning. At the end of Irdning change to the bike path and follow it slightly downhill to Schlattham. Turn left towards Sallaberg/Kulm. On a slight incline and subsequent downhill passages, drive around the Sallaberg. Follow the narrow asphalt road to the Enns. There turn right onto a flat gravel road. Drive along the path until it crosses the main road to Wörschach. Turn left and follow the bike path along the country road via Maitschern to Wörschach. In Wörschach pass under the main road and turn sharp left. Drive along the main road until you reach a bridge that crosses the road. There turn right onto Aicherlsteinweg. At first still asphalt roads, the way changes fast to a forest road and leads with easy gradient to Wörschachwald. After ten kilometres, the Spechtensee is also passed, the village of Wörschachwald is reached. Turn left at the chapel and follow the signs towards Gasthof "Dachsteinblick". The Bike & Hike Station is at the end of the road. From there you can reach the panoramic summit of Gindlhörndl in about 15 minutes via a well signposted trail. The return trip takes the same route back to Wörschachwald. Turn left at the chapel and follow the asphalted road downhill to Klachau. There choose the underpass through the main road, then continue via Klachau and Girtstatt along the road. From Klachau follow the road for about 6 kilometres, passing Untergrimming and taking the cycle path along the main road to Trautenfels Castle. Turn left at the fishponds and pass the Fischstüberl, then continue along the Glattjoch main road to the level crossing. Change there to the asphalted cycle path and cycle back to Irdning. At the roundabout take the second exit, continue along the Trautenfelserstraße to the centre of Irdning, where the starting point is also located.

Tourism office Grimming-Donnersbachtal
Tourism office Grimming-Donnersbachtal

Weather changes, rapid temperature drops, thunderstorms, wind, fog and snow fields are objective dangers and require the right behaviour. Hutkeepers are experienced mountain experts who can give good advice on the weather and the route. Lack of equipment, overestimation of one's own abilities, carelessness, poor physical condition and a wrong assessment can lead to critical situations. During thunderstorms: Avoid peaks, ridges, trees and rope belaying.

In an emergency, please dial the following emergency calls: No. 140 - Mountain Rescue No. 112 - Euro Emergency Call

Weather forecast

in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Occasional snowfall in the early morning and towards evening, some sunshine in between.
in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Light snowfall ending in the morning, then slowly becoming sunny during the day.
in the morning
at noon
in the evening
Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.

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