Ramsau am Dachstein is there for you, if you want to achieve peak performances.

Ramsau am Dachstein is a place where Olympic and World Champions recharge their energy levels and conditioning in order to produce top performances. No wonder, since Ramsau am Dachstein is the ideal place to restore body, mind and soul. This wonderful area of alpine pastures at the foot of the imposing south wall of the Dachstein offers many hiking opportunities, amazing lookout points as well as numerous refuge huts. Ramsau am Dachstein is a top destination for cross-country skiers. With 220 km of trails – which, incidentally, have hosted competitions including the Nordic World Championships – at elevations from 1100 to 2700 m and with varying levels of difficulty, appealing to “Sunday” cross-country enthusiasts and “pros” alike. This high plateau is renowned as the No.1 area in Austria for fixed-cable climbing. 20 via ferratas and mountaineering tours reward you with breathtaking views extending all the way to the Czech Republic or the Triglav mountains of Slovenia. The high-alpine, year-round ski area on Dachstein glacier (2700 m) features four different lifts and up to 18 km of tracked glacier XC trails that serve, in autumn especially, as a training center for Nordic sports teams, glacier hiking paths, ski pistes, the Dachstein Sky Walk, the Ice Palace, a suspension footbridge, along with many other unique attractions.   


A dream for artists of the deep snow

The “Edelgriess” is known by insiders as one of the most beautiful freeride runs in the Alps. That said, a “stable base” and advanced skills are an absolute must if you plan to slice down the southern massif of the Dachstein all the way back to Ramsau village. 1600 vertical meters of pure deep-snow enjoyment set against a magnificent rocky backdrop with views of the Planai and Schladming, and gradients as much as 45°. Between steep crags and limestone walls, you encounter the cirques, gullies and firn flanks of the Dachstein. This spectacular adventure down to Ramsau is 8 km in total length!

Nordic Performance Center

Ramsau am Dachstein is used by top-tier athletes as a year-round training center – outdoors, though indoors as well. This flagship Nordic center provides performance diagnostics, sports medicine services and training management up to highest international standards.

That said, the Performance Center isn’t only available to professionals: amateur athletes as well as visiting guests are also welcome. The Ramsau am Dachstein Performance Center boasts a 9 m high climbing tower with routes rated up to 9-, a gymnasium as well as a sports-medicine area offering performance diagnostics, training management and more.

However, the centerpiece is a roller-ski compatible conveyor belt with adjustable speeds and angles. With a surface area of 4.5 by 3 meters, it is even possible to simulate Olympic courses.  

Kali’s Kids’ Stamps

Kali is a dinosaur and is very, very old – over 200 million years old, in fact. He lives in Ramsau am Dachstein, where there are lots of great mountains, exciting forests and broad alpine pastures with many animals just waiting to be discovered. Go hiking with Kali, meet his friends the horses, cows and sheep, or enjoy an exciting adventure on the KALI fixed-cable climb. All these fun nature experiences can be shared with Kali on Ramsau Kids’ Mountain, while you learn lots about our beautiful nature at the same time. Kali’s friends include Galli the wood grouse, Willi the owl, Flutsch the fish, Flips the bat, Grips the frog, Ronny the fox, Rocco the stag, Lümmel the sheep, Zottel the Highland cow and Irmi the bee, all of whom will give you a stamp for your passbook.

The passbook is available from the tourist office in Ramsau am Dachstein.


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