Rules for recreational users of alpine pastures and meadows

By nature, grazing cattle are curious, though not aggressive. So as to avoid conflict in alpine grazing areas, it is wise to follow a few simple recommendations – especially if you are out hiking with a dog. Here are a few tips for man and dog, since it is the responsibility of hikers and mountain bikers to keep an eye open for potential problems and to be respectful when crossing the high meadows. Always obey and pay close attention to signs as posted!

Rules for recreational users of alpine pastures and meadows

How to behave correctly:

As a rule of thumb, please always treat nature, the animals as well as the people who work there with respect. Maintaining the high grazing areas is hard work. So please show your appreciation. In order to avoid unpleasant encounters with the animals grazing there, you need to obey a few simple rules. In particular, please be aware that cattle, especially mother cows, see dogs as a potential threat and will want to protect their calves. That said, the following steps will ensure you behave correctly on the alpine pastures that provide a summer home for our cattle.

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