27.09.2019, 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock | Haus-Aich-Gössenberg

Theatre: "Prozesshansln" - Rural comedy in 3 acts

Guest performance of the Theaterrunde Pruggern

Two neighbouring families in the country have been friends for 25 years, until one day the two women suddenly start to argue. They do not want to reconcile and therefore send their men to the city with the order to file a lawsuit in court for insulting honour and slander. But the men are far from getting involved in such a trial. They go to the city every 14 days, but not to court, but to have fun in a nice little bar. That is why they cannot suppress a quiet feeling of regret one day when their wives make peace again.

Author: Gnant Hans

In the A-quarter at the "Freizeitsee" in Aich

Advance booking: € 12,00 Box office: € 14,00


Ideenbörse Dorferneuerung Aich-Assach
Vorstadt 62
8966 Aich
Event location
A-Quartier am Freizeitsee