Planai Classic

03.01. - 05.01.2020 | Schladming

Oldtimer race without steering servo, antilocking system and without another electronic helps!
An expedition for cars build until 31.12.1972

Expedition into the Unknown

One of the last true winter adventures! The snow gets deeper, the visibility worse, the Dachstein road gets steeper and it gets more and more slippery. Snow cornicing makes the road narrower and narrower, the stopwatch runs. The gusts of wind from the Dachstein almost sweep the old cars off the road, the windows freeze over. The Planai-Classic lives up to its reputation. Three days of winter adventure with cars built up to 1972. Winter at the Niederöblarn Alpine airfield, winter in the side valleys of the Enns Valley, winter at the Gröbming trotting race track and, as the highlight, winter on the well-prepared Planai road. All this without all-wheel drive and without electronic aids. Here, driving becomes a return ticket to youth. If you're there, you'll experience one of the last adventures with sheet metal from earlier years.


Ennstal-Classic GmbH
Kirchplatz 15
8962 Gröbming