cabaret "Roland Düringer - Africa Twinis"

06/02/2020 - Ramsau Zentrum

At dawn on 1.1.1986 in Paris, the starting signal is given for the toughest desert race in the world, the Paris-Dakar Rally. In twenty-one days, the Frenchman Cyril Neveu with his Honda NXR 750 will be the first to reach the finish at Lac Rose, a salt lake 30 km north of Dakar, after 15,000 km. 

At the same hour on New Year's Day 1986 a shot is fired in Engelbrechts in the deeply snow-covered Waldviertel. A backfire. A second kick, followed by a rattle. Shortly afterwards a second rattle. Two smoking two-strokes set off in a southerly direction. Their destination: Dakar. In just under three hours Engelbert Fröschl and Alois Zankl on their two Puch MCH 250s at the Hornerwald 14,978 km north of Dakar will have to end their journey to Africa with a technical defect and, in icy winds and a perceived minus 25 degrees Celsius, arrive at the conclusion: "Dakar is not around the corner.

Engl and Loisl have learned their lesson and this time - more than thirty years later - nothing is left to chance. Mature, mentally mature, in full bloom and technically state-of-the-art, the AFRICA TWINIS are determined to conquer the desert with their high-tech motorcycles and to reach their goal no matter what: Lac Rose, 30 km north of Dakar.

It may well be that the world has grown together over the last 30 years: but Dakar is still not around the corner.

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