Welcome Show - Tradition of Snow

02/02. - 23/02/2020 - Zielgelände Fis Abfahrt Hauser Kaibling

The Ski Show "tradition of Snow" takes place during the winter season (from Christmas and february) every Sunday from 5.00 pm at the finish stadium Hauser Kaibling!

The nostalgia of skiers and ski and snowboard school Haus/Ennstal show in about an hour, how did the skiing develop in recent decades. The impressive ski equipment, a motocrossrider, paragliding and traditional dance groupe "D'Kuafstoana z'Weißenboch" complete the program. Hot drinks to keep warm in the snow you get at the bar of the ski and snowboard school Haus im Ennstal. This event is accompanied with beautiful pictures from Herbert Raffalt and René Eduard Perhab in a slideshow.Through the program guides you Siegfried Steiner.

We hope you enjoy!

Tourismusverband Haus-Aich-Gössenberg
Schlossplatz 47
8967 Haus
+43 3686 2234-34

02.02.2020 till 23.02.2020
17:00 till 18:00 Uhr

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