Cabaret - Tricky Niki

Kulturhalle Gröbming

ATTENTION! The event has already taken place.


Everything will be (again) all right!
Welcome to the land of delusions, compulsions and laughs. Where even without a green thumb you can breed dreamlike neuroses, where the quiet little place would be the best place for a Shitstorm - and even a disposable glove is no way out. Where dirty thoughts still stay clean and you can laugh your ass off at the Grim Reaper.

Don't be afraid - have fun!

Advance sale and box office price: € 25,- 
(Tickets are available at the branches of the Sparkassenbank and Raiffeisenbank as well as at the Gröbminger municipal.) 

Rene Binder
Wiesackstraße 470
8962 Gröbming

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