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Tourismus Organisation Gröbminger Land

Tourismus office Gröbming

Hauptplatz 57
8962 Gröbming


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
08.30 to 12.00 Uhr - 14.00 to 17.00 o`clock


Tourismus office Michaelerberg-Pruggern

Pruggern 96
8965 Michaelerberg-Pruggern

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
08.00 to 12.00 o`clock


Our Holiday Resorts

The Gröbming Land offers family-friendly stays. Whether it’s hotels, comfortable holiday residences, private rentals, or a holiday at a farmyard, the quality, service, and price are right.

Gröbming invites you to participate in relaxing active holidays year round and, apart from its scenic beauty, offers notably-active and health-conscious guests a comprehensive activity programme for the entire family.

“What should I write in these mountains full of sunshine - I can only remain silent in devotion and be blessed”
Peter Rosegger

The three municipalities, Gröbming, Mitterberg-St. Martin, and Michaelerberg-Pruggern, are located in the middle of the region and are family-friendly and health-conscious in many different ways.

Therapeutic Climate Spa - Gröbming and Mitterberg

A spa treatment on holiday!

An ideal combination between charm and positive factors: extremely-low fog, favourable distribution of the cooling magnitude as well as distribution of rainfall times were essential for awarding the “Therapeutic Climate Spa” attribute.

Our spa garden with the “path of the senses”, the Kneipp facility at the foot of the Stoderzinken, and the presence of the Rehabilitation Centre (PVA) were crucial for being able to use this distinction.

The brine graduation facility in Gröbming is an “outdoor inhalation site” in which salt water is sprayed over a bundle of black and white thorns, which causes a “breeze of ocean air” to come into the inland. It is inhaled while sitting down or walking, and thereby conveys a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Furthermore, inhaled salt water has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. You can also expect relief for allergies, vascular diseases, and circulatory disorders.