Nature jewel "European spruce everglades"

Naturpark Sölktäler

Excursion destination summer

The "European spruce everglades" provide a larg living space for endangered species at the Naturpark Sölktäler.

Spruce condensation Moor
Relics from the ice age - as are the rare spruce condensation Moore designated by their flora and fauna.
Rocks, which broke down thousands years ago, forming underground passages, in which circulates air. In the summer, so cold air exits that form icicles at the holes , which can be observed until June. Rocks and stones are covered by mosses, the leaves absorb and store water and thus provide for a wet and humid environment - as well the rare ostrich feather moss. Specialists such as the Alpine Swift runners who have adapted to the cold temperatures, have found here retreating habitats. You can find comparable conditions only in the alpine regions.
The farmers recognized very early the benefits of these locations. In former times theycooled their food in the summer there.
On a guided tour along the Water Show paths in St. Nikolai and Kleinsölk you can learn more about these special locations.


Nature jewel "European spruce everglades"
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