Ett förstklassigt vandringsområde i Österrike

Semesterregionen Schladming-Dachstein, som är känd som ett populärt skidområde, förvandlas under sommaren till ett av Österrikes vandringsområden i toppklass.
Bland vandringslederna i semesterregionen Schladming-Dachstein hittar du säkert din personliga favoritled, oavsett om du lockas av de stora bergstopparna eller tycker bättre om stilla naturupplevelser.

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Conduct with animals

Up on the mountain pastures in the Schladming-Dachstein Region you will encounter all sorts of animals such as cows, calves, horses, sheep etc. Do not provoke the animals, just act "normally" and do not show any fear. A stick can often help to visually create the necessary respect. Often the animals are just curious and want to play. Avoid distressing young animals in any way. Mother animals instinctively try to protect their young.
This particulary applies to walkers with dogs. Always have your dog on the lead and don't let your dog chase any animals. Should an animal attack your dog - despite it being on the lead - don't hold on tight, but let your dog run away for its own protection.


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