Galsterberg-Planai ski lifts

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The Galsterberg in Pruggern is a small but beautiful ski resort with many possibilities:

Beginners are pleased with easy, flat trails while skiing enthusiasts romp on the 1,200-meter Vorderkarpiste, which may include the right to the most beautiful trails throughout the region.

Or is a toboggan complacent? The 5 km long floodlit toboggan run continuously day and night invites. The largest children's country in the region is always worth visiting. The Galster mountain hut keepers have particularly attractive food offerings.

The Gallic village at Galsterberg. Much more than a tip. Away from the big crowds, yet right in the Schladming-Dachstein, with particularly good day tickets offers.
 At a glance:
 • 5 cable cars and ski lifts
 • approximately 50 new parking spaces in the vicinity of the Gondeltalstation
 • 60 snow-making equipment for selective improvement of the snowmaking system
 • 1200 m long Vorderkarpiste
 • Largest country in the region with children
   - A high snow figure
   - Bottelix girlfriend Sandrine is the "Gallic village" moved in! And the little dog "Skidefix" ventured out of the doghouse
   - 85 m long magic carpet
   - Speaking Gaulish characters, Gallic wooden huts, etc.
   - Gallic snow cat in the middle of the country with original children's ski equipment noise
   - Best insight into the children's area from the terrace Bottinghaus
 • weather station at the Gallic Kalteck
 • 5 km toboggan run (day and night)
 • 3 comfortable huts (Galsterix & Bottelix & Pirkelix)
 • Permanent road course
 • Hüttendorf Dachsteinblick with 14 new cabins
 • lodge with 14 huts Pruggern
 • Live in Ski Amade! Austria's largest ski

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Galsterberg-Planai ski lifts
8965 Pruggern